What is MOP DC/DA?

All electricity and gas meters require a meter operator (electricity) or meter asset manager (gas) to be appointed, as well as a data collector/data aggregator. Energy suppliers will have default providers that they utilise as standard unless you specifically request that you wish to use an alternative (the charges for which are included in the standing charge on your supply contract or are levied as direct fees between you and the meter operator/meter asset manager).

Depending on the type of supply point you are responsible for, it can be advantageous to review your MOP MAM DC/DA services for a potential financial saving, better service, and more timely data provision for energy monitoring and targeting.

Consultiv can tender for MOP MAM DC/DA services on your behalf to ensure you have the optimal arrangements in place – this can be as a standalone service or as part of our supply contract tendering service.

We will then provide you access to your metering data via the Consultiv Connect platform so that you can start your journey to net zero.


What are the elements?

Meter Operator agreement (MOP)

This covers the installation of the meter, maintenance and necessary communication equipment forsending data consumption.

Data Collector (DC)

Data Collectors are responsible for collecting data from the metering systems and validate the metering data. This data is forwarded on to the Data Aggregator.

Data Aggregator (DA)

The Data Aggregator receives the data from the Data Collector(s) so that this can be validated and used for billing.


From 1st April 2017 all non-half-hourly (NHH) meters in profile classes 05 – 08 should have been switched over to being HH settled. These meters will now be legally required to have appointed MOP, DC/DA contracts.

Contract durations

Metering contracts typically run for five years. Your energy supplier will appoint a default MOP DC/DA on your behalf if there is not a contract already in place, and the charges for this will be passed through on your supply contract giving no visibility of the charges. By splitting out the charges, it gives the ability to consolidate and negotiate them.

The Meter Operator Agreement (MOP) charges are made up of 2 parts:

• Meter & Maintenance Charge
• Communication Service Fee

Who needs MOP DC/DA contract management?

The Inenco Complete MOP DC/DA solution is open to any business with HH (00 profile) meters. This is most beneficial if you are a large multi-site organisation, particularly if information is fragmented across sites.

We will provide you with access to our in-house project team, who have extensive experience of the metering and connections industry.

What information is needed to get started?

To begin contract management on your behalf, Consultiv Utilities require:

Your full site and meter site list
A valid Letter of Authority
Any information you hold on your HH meter sites