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Retail makes up 5% of the UK’s economy, contributing £98.4 billion GVA and providing upwards of 3 million jobs. Yet we all know that retail has changed dramatically in the last decade. Online retail has exploded in popularity while high street retail has become harder to maintain than ever before. But whether your organisation is all digital or still cemented in bricks and mortar, one thing is still true: managing overheads and keeping costs under control is of critical importance.

Here at Consultiv Utilities we work closely with retail businesses to help them stay competitive and develop green credentials they are proud to share with their customers. From expert procurement to thorough energy audits, and even triad alerts, we can help you to uncover potential cost-saving and sustainability solutions, providing tactics tailored to you and your business.

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Are you looking to improve your energy spending and make the switch to more sustainable energy contracts?

We understand the pressures on retail businesses to minimise their costs and manage their energy effectively and sustainably. We are dedicated to helping organisations like yours drive improvement and lower your energy spending in a time of economic uncertainty. We know that the pressure to achieve environmental sustainability is growing from both customers and stakeholders, and creating a clear and actionable plan to achieve this can be difficult. That’s why we are on hand to help you achieve carbon net-zero goals, stay fully compliant with rapidly changing regulations, and reduce your energy spending overall.

Through our market-leading energy trading and cost risk management, we can help you both control costs and maximise margins. We’ll also get to know your business inside and out in order to provide the data and insight you need to make effective changes. Our experts will help you control and build energy management systems that both lower your spending and maximise your performance.

By taking a detailed look at your business’s carbon footprint, we will help you take the necessary steps towards environmental sustainability. This can improve your reputation both with partners and customers.

Why choose Consultiv Utilities for your utilities?

Here at Consultiv Utilities, we believe that retail businesses should be able to focus their efforts on providing the best possible service for their customers, without having to worry about whether or not their energy needs are being met. That’s why we are dedicated to helping those within the retail sector make the most of their energy supply.

Finding the right energy deal means looking for contracts that suit your specific requirements, and that’s exactly what we’ll help you do. Using an extensive list of trusted suppliers, we’ll get to know your business inside out and give you plenty of tailored options. We can show you the areas where you could save significant costs on your energy, either by changing contracts or by making changes to your premises and work culture. Our decades of experience in the energy industry will also help you take the necessary steps towards a greener energy supply.

We can help you realise the potential savings you can make while implementing energy-saving opportunities that improve efficiency and lower your costs in the long run.

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