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In a complex and volatile market like energy, your business needs an experienced and credible partner. At Consultiv Utilities we pride ourselves on our reputation as experts in our field and an honest voice in the utilities sector.

With decades of experience as business energy consultants we have a proven track record for negotiating the best deals on utilities contracts. Not only that but we provide guidance and support to help companies build effective long-term strategies for improving energy efficiency and developing green credentials.

At the core of our business model is the belief that our customers should never be in the dark about the bills that they are paying or the utilities they are consuming. We know that modern organisations like yours need control over business overheads, an understanding of environmental impact and a strategy for the future. That’s why our comprehensive suite of consultancy services and energy solutions are designed to help you to make long-term improvements achievable.

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A genuine partnership

From energy procurement to emissions management to compliance certification, we provide bespoke solutions that are measurable and make a genuine difference to business success in countries around the world.

We understand that customers value an open and transparent approach at a time when overheads are tight for so many sectors. That’s why we are committed to bringing clarity to your expenditure, risk management and compliance strategies.

Our team currently operate across the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa and the USA. And our success is built on our commitment to customer service that keeps customers in control rather than hiding behind industry jargon or confusing contracts.
But don’t take our word for it; take a look at who we work with.


What a service!

Daniel and Bobby offer us a fantastic service and it always comes with a big helping of positivity and a smile. Oh, and they saved us money. Lots of money. It will be in the thousands of pounds. Our previous energy brokers were good, but these guys are different class.


Extremely helpful

Ian Edwards was extremely helpful in obtaining us a 5 year deal in very trying circumstances. He kept us informed during and after the change over.


All Saints Catholic School

All Saints Catholic School started dealing with Amy Hardware from Consultiv Utilities back in summer 2020, and identified the school was being overcharged on Climate Change Levy and VAT. Amy managed to achieve a rebate of £81,165.78 for us.


Consultiv Connect Customer Portal

Progress powered by technology

To support our market-leading consultancy offering, we have developed a purpose-built customer portal to put real-time business energy data at your fingertips. User-friendly, fully-customisable and packed with valuable data to aid tracking of consumption, expenditure, emissions and more, we are going further to help you keep control of your utilities anytime and anywhere.

In addition to our customer portal we are working in partnership with an array of specialist tech businesses to help you optimise your solutions, gain insights and save money. From energy generation and storage solutions to IoT innovations and integrated monitoring services, we can help you prepare for a bright future.


Real-time intelligence

Our portal lets you easily monitor your utility usage in real-time. Ensuring you don’t miss a thing.

You need to know what’s happening now, to enable you to action it immediately. Tomorrow really is too late.

Knowledge is everything

We tell you how much energy you’re using in real time, allowing you to save money and resources. We don’t tell you what you already know – we tell you what you should know.

  • Heat Maps on Half hourly data
  • Energy Usage information through charts, all downloadable
  • Total Energy Consumption
  • Contact Information
  • All document storage at your fingertips
  • Secure, modern framework which can be accessed via desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones


Our platform shows you your contracted meters and their status, across multiple sites. Drilling down into heat maps displaying your businesses usage. You’ll then be able to optimise your energy usage from this.

The devil is in the detail

You’ll see graphs analysing your data to tell you when you might be wasting and where. You can even look at specific dates or set tailored opening hours. It goes without saying that we will help to inform you appropriately on your business needs. Not to mention helping you to comply with regulations such as ESOS, improving your public image and carbon footprint.

World-class service

We’ve spent a lot of time deep diving into our customers needs and designed a portal to offer bespoke solutions to all your energy requirements.


We’re committed to making sure we take you on the journey with us, along with all your energy contracts start dates to end dates. With all the useful information in between, such as who your supplier is.

  • Giving you and your business real-time data
  • Allowing time saving and productivity enhancing features
  • Directly notifying your Account Manager with live notifications on your portal requests
  • Providing the kind of visibility all businesses need on their energy.

With decades of experience, we will ensure you get the best guidance.