Helping organisations who prefer not to be tied into rigid contracts

Flexible supply agreements allow you to spread your purchasing and selling decisions over multiple points in time to provide long-term cost control.

To optimise your flexible supply contract, it is essential to couple it with an effective risk management framework to ensure the contract delivers the best results.

Our flexible procurement service includes:

  • Rigorous Flexible contract tendering
  • Energy risk management framework development
  • Bespoke strategy development
  • Tiered support – advisory to fully managed
  • Energy Trading and risk management platform
    • Full position reporting suite
    • Budgeting tool
    • Trading alerts and triggers
    • Trade log
    • Energy consumption analytics
    • Bureau and Invoice validation
    • Full account management

Why choose flexible procurement?

Flexible energy purchasing best suits organisations consuming above 5GWh of power or gas per annum; however, smaller businesses can also benefit from flexible procurement – get in touch to discuss your options?

A customised flexible procurement strategy could offer you the balance of risk, budget certainty, and price opportunity you’re looking for. Take advantage of the benefits a flexible supply agreement combined with the right risk management strategy can bring.

There are many benefits to choosing Consultiv Utilities for your flexible procurement needs.

Managing your purchasing approach

The Consultiv Trading Team utilise both fundamental and technical analysis to deliver an energy price that allows you to remain competitive.

Hedging and selling energy in line with your risk management strategy, market fundamentals and technical cues allows for long-term cost control for your business.

Focussing on optimising the energy price over time, our Energy Trading Team will keep you updated on market trends and trading recommendations, as well as provide full transparency on trading performance via our trading and risk management portal.

Understanding energy risk management and how to implement it

With a changing market environment, it’s critical for any business energy buyer to assess their exposure, review their energy budgets and consider their approach to energy risk management.

Improve your future hedging strategy with Consultiv Utilities

  • Identify your business goals and choose the appropriate strategy to match your risk profile
  • Select a supplier suitable for the contract type that enables you to implement your strategy

Flexible Contract Tendering

Price optimisation through flexibility

We will work to understand what commercial terms and SLAs you require within the supply contract and what flexibility will be needed to enable the strategy to be delivered. We shall then negotiate the best supply contract and terms available for these requirements.

Consultiv will provide you with a comprehensive contract renewal evaluation document which compares both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the supplier and supply contract, as well as making our professional recommendations.

Find out more about flexible energy contracts with our helpful downloadable guide.