Schools, Academies and Trusts

Schools, Academies and Trusts

In the UK alone, there are around 32,000 schools, including primary schools, secondary schools, independent schools and special schools. That’s a large number of buildings consuming a huge amount of energy, and every single one has their own priorities and goals in mind.

Consultiv Utilities are committed to helping schools, academies and trusts make the most of their energy spending, offering sustainable solutions and cost-saving options.

Consultiv Utilities can help you save

We are on-hand to help you make the most of your energy. We can begin conducting audits now to uncover potential solutions and ensure the overall process is as smooth as possible. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you.

Looking to improve your energy spending, and switch to more renewable, transparent energy contracts?

We understand that no two schools are the same, which is why our experts take the time to get to know each and every business we work with. Our team are available to help you and provide the services you need, based on your specific requirements. Whether you’re a small school or a large academy, we can support you in your journey to make the most out of your energy.

How to reduce your energy spending
Schools are, by nature, energy-intensive organisations, with a huge amount of electrical office and ICT equipment. Simple changes can make all the difference when there is a lot of equipment involved, including switching off equipment altogether rather than relying on standby. Data from Energy Sparks reveals that 45% of school’s electricity use is consumed out of school hours, when most school buildings are unoccupied.

The older the appliance, the more electricity it is likely to use when in standby mode. A monitor which is 10+ years old could use 12 watts of electricity when in standby mode, while the latest European legislation means new appliances are limited to 1 watt per hour. This may not sound like a significant difference, but when you consider all the devices across your school, the savings could be significant.
When you save money on your energy, this money can be put back into your school budget. We understand how crucial this extra saving can be, at a time when schools’ purse strings are particularly tight.

Saving money on your heating
Heating is one of the biggest school expenses, so our audits can help you determine areas where costs can be saved and heating can be made more efficient.

Many schools are operating with outdated heating systems and inefficient time controls, so it could be worth investing in a compensator which can automatically regulate the heating based on the weather.

Make the time to review your heating system monthly, or even weekly, as UK weather is unpredictable and heating settings are often set and then simply forgotten about from season to season.


Why choose Consultiv Utilities for your school?

With a wide range of services and unrivalled expertise, here at Consultiv Utilities we believe that schools, academies and trusts should be able to focus their efforts on providing the best education for young people, feeling safe in the knowledge that their energy needs are being met.

We are here to help schools find an energy deal that suits their requirements, with an extensive list of trusted suppliers under our belt. We are able to assess every facet of your establishment in order to understand what kind of contract is right for you, and where you can save on your energy costs. With decades of experience in the industry, we can also help you take steps towards a greener energy supplier.

We can help you realise the potential savings you can make, while implementing energy saving opportunities that improve efficiency and lower your costs in the long run.

Ready to get more from your energy?