Smart buildings

Optimise energy, employee, and business performance with smart buildings

In partnership with Tyrrell Building Technologies, we can intelligently integrate your critical building systems to optimise energy, employee, and business performance.

Key benefits of smart buildings:

  • Cost savings from having more control of your energy consumption
  • Improve working environment for those working within
  • Automation and integration of products to improve productivity and reduce management time

Halo Smart IoT technology and the Simaxx advanced building analytics platform are revolutionising systems integration. They provide a unified user interface to help businesses to maximise profitability and sustainability.

Internet of things (IoT) intelligent integrated Solutions

Our IoT solutions bring together building systems together such as; fire alarms, BMS, air conditioning and lighting, across multiple locations throughout the world.

We intelligently integrate assets to provide web or app-based user interfaces to optimise building and employee performance.

We offer cutting-edge control and monitoring products to our clients, delivering these products into the hands of engineers, to help them create the best possible solutions around the world in their own projects and countries.

The offering consists of a range of wireless devices including temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC, leak detection, metering, and relays, to help improve your comfort and manage the data/conditions within a building. Our intuitive interface can be viewed via computer, phone, or tablet to view sites, alarms, and data.

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