An intuitive, cost-effective solution for trading. Delivering a customer first digital energy solution. Our Energy Trading & Risk Management products help make complex billing easier to manage.

The Energy Hub contains a set of intuitive, integrated SaaS applications which combines Energy Analytics, Billing Processing and Energy Trading and Risk Management in a single interactive Energy platform. Key data sets are constantly checked for quality, which then drive downstream processes eliminating duplicate and manual input across multiple platforms.

Excel spreadsheets are replaced by easy-to-use intuitive software to help you, your team and your partners collaborate in real time, from anywhere with an active internet connection powered by the very latest Microsoft Azure Platform.

Whether you’re focused on cost, carbon or consumption, our analytics platform can help you identify the changes that matter. Easily reduce and track your carbon, cost, and consumption. Interactive dashboards, reports, alerts, and cost-focused calculators enable you to eliminate waste, optimise your load and find profitable investments within your energy assets.

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From analysts and engineers to technology specialists, our optimisation team are on hand to help you make the most out of your energy and make significant long term savings. Using the latest tools and modelling software, we will analyse your energy data and make recommendations tailored to your specific business requirements.

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