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Sustainability Solutions

As the UK looks to enhance its environmental credentials and meet its long-term goal of becoming a net zero country, organisations are being asked to play their part.

For modern businesses this means adhering to the latest regulations and demonstrating a commitment to managing utility consumption effectively. The price of failing to achieve compliance can be both reputational damage and even financial penalties.
There are various schemes in place designed to control carbon emissions and drive greater energy efficiency. At Consultiv Utilities our experienced team are experts in energy management and can help to guide you through the maze of requirements and regulations to help you on your journey towards compliance.

From ESOS to SECR to Climate Change Agreements, let us work with you to not just achieve compliance in the first instance; but also put in place measures and processes to make long-term adherence a piece of cake. Ready to make sense of your energy?

ESOS: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

The third phase of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is currently underway, meaning any business that meets the criteria will need to take action now.

We can help you understand how ESOS fits into your wider energy and net zero strategy, as well as uncovering the smoothest route to total compliance. With our help, compliance is no longer a chore, but a chance to save on your energy costs by acting on your insights ahead of the reporting deadline.

CCA: Climate Change Agreements

CCAs are voluntary agreements that give eligible energy-intensive sectors that chance to receive a reduction of up to 90% on Climate Change Levy (CCL) in return for committing to pre-determined energy efficiency targets.

Our team can use our expertise and experience to advise you on the best ways to maximise the relief for your business, keeping your energy budget looking healthy. There isn’t long left to apply for a CCA for your business, so we can help you get your application in quickly.

SECR: Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

At Consultiv, we’ve put a lot of effort into helping businesses understand SECR, giving them a clear roadmap to full compliance by showing them exactly what is required of their organisation. This mandatory annual requirement applies to around 12,000 UK organisations, and is designed to increase awareness surrounding energy costs and provide data to improve energy efficiency throughout UK businesses, effectively reducing the impact of climate change. As such, SECR could form an essential part of your net zero strategy.

ISO Standard Support

We can take you through a carefully planned process and methodology in order to achieve ISO compliance, ensuring that you achieve the accreditation you need in the most straightforward and rewarding way. We’ll build a meaningful energy management system that’s tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. We can provide you with consultations to identify the gaps in your current energy management system.

Compliance Reporting

From Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Carbon Disclosure Projects, we can help you through a range of reporting obligations. If you’re concerned about achieving energy compliance within your business, Consultiv Utilities are here to take the pressure off your shoulders. We will help you meet regulations while also helping you improve sustainability and cut your energy costs in the long run.

Consultiv Utilities are happy to help

In order to manage your energy effectively, you’ll need to make sure you’re meeting all the latest usage and sustainability guidelines.

We can help you achieve compliance in a smooth, hassle-free process. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you.

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