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Endless possibilities & opportunities.

With our range of services, we believe that our customers should have as much time as possible to be able to concentrate on running their business. Let us take away the hassle.

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Who we are

Not only home variations or demos but fully created sites for you ready to publish on the net. More than 20+ ready to use sites created with research and dedication. Choose the right one and go online in 5 minutes. Specular is the last theme you will ever need to buy. Keep coming back to this page to get the latest updates. New Features and Demo Sites added every week.

With a staff of 12 members, Codeless will provide the most powerful and real-time support you have ever tried. Our staff members are concentrating in helping our customers to solve and customize their sites. Five of them working everyday to ensure that Specular stays clean, with no bugs and up-to-date. The last and the most important: It’s FREE Lifetime

Our Skills

Web Development
Web Design
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We are extremely passionate about getting businesses a deal that suits their needs, we have extensive relationships with a large number of suppliers, which means you can be sure that you are getting the best deal out there for your business.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We will assess every aspect of your business to enable us to understand the type of contract which is right for you. With decades of experience in the industry, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to do the right thing by your business.

With our range of services, we can take the hassle of managing your utilities, so that you can concentrate on the important things, like running your business.

Who We Are

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Our Mission

Working hard every day, to get the most competitive deals available for our customers. To be admired for its people, partnerships and performance.

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Our Vision

Bring, high quality, low cost, easy to understand products/services to our customers. Nuturing our relationships with partners and customers alike.

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Core Values

We believe in Quality, Teamwork, Respect, Diversity, Simplicity, Passion.

Our Leadership

Paul Smith
Managing Director

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Derek Hosie
Sales Director

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