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Triad Alerts

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Triad Alerts

Peak Power Demand

Triads are the three half hour periods of peak power demand across the National Grid in a year (from November to February). These three points are used to calibrate the system costs, which are passed on to industry. For large electricity consumers who have a Half Hourly Supplied Meter, the ability to reduce your electricity consumption during periods of national high demand in the months November to February inclusive can lead to a reduction in electricity transmission costs for the following year.

How do Triads work?

A Triad represents one half-hour period of the highest demand for electricity. To avoid Triads affecting businesses in consecutive half-hours, each has to be at least 10 days apart. When power demand peaks, the National Grid network is under maximum pressure to deliver power where it’s needed, and causes generators to bring online more expensive (and less efficient) production capacity. So, it’s in everyone’s interest to work together to minimise energy usage.

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