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Accepting payments is a simple process when the only form of payment is cash. Things start to get a little more complicated when you add additional payment methods into the equation, like cheques or credit cards.

Credit/Debit card payments comprise the majority of payments after cash, with the percentage of payments taken by card increasing year on year, and is the preferred method of payment online. This makes accepting card payments imperative for most businesses!

The merchant service industry has many players on multiple levels, with each player adding a layer to the process of accepting payments, thus increasing the complexity of not only the process, but more importantly, the cost.

In today’s competitive marketplace, accepting credit cards is a must for the majority of businesses. 80% of all retail customers pay with their credit or debit cards, and the chances are, if you do not accept credit card payments then customers will go to a competitor who does. The acceptance of major card payments is a key factor in the satisfaction of your customers and, as such, in the success of your business.

But…in the world of credit card processing one size does not fit all.

Consultiv Utilities Ltd understand that businesses operate in different manners and this affects the kind of merchant account they will have, we therefore look to provide a proper merchant account that helps to keep a merchant’s rates to a minimum and protect against fraud and chargebacks.

There are several different kinds of credit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard and the differences between them may affect the rates you are charged for those cards and also how you are responsible for processing them.

At Consultiv we take the stress out of a merchant account, and our aim is to simplify a confusing process and make it easy for you to accept card payments and understand your bill.

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