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Meter Reading

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Meter Reading Service

Accurate billing, made easy

Suppliers use meters to measure exactly how much you are consuming in your home or business and send you accurate bills. From time to time, suppliers will send someone to your home or business to take a reading, but you can also do this yourself.

Why is it important?

If you or your supplier does not read your meter then you WILL receive an estimated bill based on your previous consumption, meaning you could pay more or less than you need to. Paying less could seem like a blessing at the time, but eventually you will be hit with a bill for your consumption once a meter reading has been passed to your supplier, and the longer you proceed without an accurate reading, the bigger the shock could be.

Download our free guide to reading your meter by clicking the link under the ‘Our Brochues’ heading to find out more, alternatively, get in touch and take advantage of our bill validation service.

Download our free meter reading guide