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Business Renewable Energy

Supporting green energy initiatives and finding green energy suppliers for businesses that take their environmental responsibilities seriously

In order to support the UK’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, every organisation in the country has a duty to play a role in reducing emissions, adopt more sustainable practices and utilise renewable energy wherever possible.

Choosing a green energy tariff

Low carbon energy is much easier to source than it was a decade ago. As of December 2020 renewable energy sources contributed 40% of the total UK electricity consumption. This means that most UK businesses are likely to be using some sustainably generated electricity within their annual supply.

However, it is possible for organisations to improve their green credentials further by choosing a green energy tariff. This kind of tariff means that some or all of the electricity consumed is “matched” by purchases of renewable energy by the energy supplier. These sources may include hydroelectric power stations and wind farms but exclude nuclear. However, it is important to familiarise yourself with the various green energy tariffs available to confirm which sources are included and what percentage of total energy consumption is considered renewable.

If you are looking to source green business energy, the team at Consultiv Utilities can help you find the contract that is right for you.

Consultiv Utilities is delighted to be the Official Energy Partner of Scunthorpe United. As a business we are passionate about helping both the football club and its business community the most competitive deals on energy contracts, at a time when cost and consumption is a genuine issue. 

We are also able to provide valuable advice and guidance to companies looking to implement new energy efficiency measures and lower their carbon footprint.

Looking to get a better deal on your energy contract? Request a call back from a member of our team today and benefit from Scunthorpe United’s exclusive partnership scheme with Consultiv Utilities.

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    Understanding business renewable energy

    There are a range of different business energy tariffs on the market today that demonstrate green credentials. But it is worth taking the time to explore what constitutes a “green” contract and why some suppliers offer greener deals than others.

    A number of energy suppliers now offer contracts that are committed to buying renewable electricity from reputable (and fully certified) sources. It is important to note that there are not separate electricity grids for renewable and fossil fuel sources. However, the sum of the electricity bill is attributed directly to energy generated by wind farms, solar fields or hydroelectric power stations.

    Many of the larger electricity suppliers have upped their renewable game in recent years but still rely on a combination of green and brown (regular fossil fuel) generators. The green tariff will typically be backed by REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) from low carbon electricity sources.

    This type of business energy tariff does include renewable energy supplies but, importantly, more people buying this type of contract does not mean more green energy is purchased by the supplier or that they are supporting the growth of renewables.

    There are a number of electricity suppliers who may claim to provide 100% renewable energy but simply justify this by purchasing excess REGO certificates – which are available through periods of excess production. These will not serve to support the renewable energy sector in the UK.

    REGO: The Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme

    This scheme is designed to prove to energy customers that a share of the energy they consume has been produced from renewable sources. A REGO certificate is issued for every megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible green output to generators of renewable electricity and provides some transparency to businesses and domestic consumers about the validity of their green credentials. However, as referenced above, a REGO does not ensure that an energy supply is always entirely sourced from renewables.

    Why choose Consultiv Utilities to help your business improve its green credentials?

    We are a team of energy experts with decades of experience in the sector. Together with our green energy compliance partner, Sustainable Footprints, we can help your organisation to not only secure contracts that genuinely support the UK’s renewable industry but also support your business to implement energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives that save money and secure a more sustainable future.

    Find out more about our ESOS and SECR carbon solutions. 

    To date we have helped organisations across aviation, manufacturing, freight, retail, charity and more to identify over £25 million in savings. In total this has reduced consumption by more than 200 million kWh. 

    Ready to adopt renewable energy?