Can energy efficiency improve employee morale?

energy efficiency in the workplace

Energy efficiency in the workplace is of paramount importance. At a time when energy prices are reaching unprecedented levels in the UK, organisations are being forced to double down on efforts to manage their energy usage effectively and keep their spending under control.

However, energy efficiency isn’t just a theme on everyone’s minds because of cashflow concerns. Organisations are also quite likely looking more closely at their consumption through the lens of carbon emissions. After all, sustainability is an important factor in any modern business, no matter the industry or sector.

With the climate crisis reaching critical levels, recent years have seen going green become a necessity for both big and small businesses, with consumers paying particular attention to the environmental impact of the brands they choose.

This emphasis on environmental responsibility also has another benefit, though: research has shown that practising sustainability in your business can also improve the happiness, productivity and morale of your workforce.

Research shows that working for a sustainable company can make you happier

Last year, a survey of 3,000 workers found that more than two-thirds feel it is important for them to work for an employer who is both socially and environmentally responsible. However, only 55% of workers agree that their employer achieves this in their practices.

This reflects the growing use of environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators to measure company performance, in answer to the mounting public expectations for brands to do their part when it comes to ethics and sustainability. A study by New York University found that good corporate ESG is tied to boosted financial performance.

What’s more, Lifeworks Research Group’s 2021 Mental Health Index also found that an organisation’s environmental and ethical behaviour can have a direct impact on their employees’ mental health and productivity. Workers who report that their employer is environmentally and socially responsible reported having better mental health on average.

There are several reasons for this. Working for an environmentally responsible company can give workers the rewarding sense that they are contributing to something worthwhile, while social responsibility makes staff members from all backgrounds and walks of life feel welcome. In client-facing situations, being part of an ethical business can result in more pleasant interactions with customers.

Simple changes to achieve better energy efficiency in the workplace

Businesses are encouraged to take action against climate change now, and this can be done with both big and small steps. Overhauling the manufacturing process, reducing waste and investing in zero-carbon initiatives are all significant ways to contribute to environmentalism in your business, but there are also smaller steps you can take.

Improving insulation in the workplace, switching to energy-efficient LED lightbulbs and investing in a smart meter can all help to cut your energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation. Over time, little changes can add up to big savings, both in terms of financial costs and the cost to the planet.

Consultiv Utilities can help you make sense of your business energy

Choosing the right contract for your business energy is essential to effective energy management, and our team of experts are on hand to ensure that your organisation takes the necessary steps towards securing the right agreement.

We can help you understand your energy contract options and seek out the most competitive deals for your needs. We can also support you in your efforts to reach sustainability targets, promoting a greener future for your organisation and saving money that can then be placed elsewhere.

Thanks to our years of expertise, we are confident that we can cut your business energy costs. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your utilities are both manageable and transparent.

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